Books of Art for Children of All Ages




When I Go to Central Park

In When I Go to Central Park, our board book, the little ones learn to read simple action words such as “ride,” “pet,” “climb,” “visit,” “listen,” “pretend,” “share,” and “enjoy.”  They also learn nouns such as "dog," "friends," "zoo," "lake," "angel," and "boat." Young children love repetition, and the words from the cover repeat several times in the book.  There is a simple rhythm, which children also like.  The reader says, “When I go to Central Park, I love to ride the carousel.”  When the child is “I” he or she becomes a character in the book who then asks at the end, “What do you like to do when you go to Central Park?” This is a wonderful first book for teaching children to read.  The paintings captivate the young child's attention and even very small children love to hold the book and look at the images.


Come to Central Park

In Come to Central Park, Skydancer, a carousel horse who gallops among the stars, tells us that the earth spins ‘round and ‘round just like the carousel, giving the child a hint about the laws of the universe.  We learn that Balto is a hero, but that he does not talk about it much, which can lead to discussions about what it might mean to be “humble” or to “boast.”  Alice is curious and is always wondering.  And on the row boat lake, time stops when the oars are lifted.  The Angel Bethesda listens to secrets and never tells anyone.  When you need a metaphor for Central Park, for us it is a green oasis amidst canyons of concrete, glass and steel.  You can make believe you are royalty at Belvedere Castle, or hear a “Once upon a time…” at the Hans Christian Anderson statue. At the end of our book, we say Central Park is a wonderful place to feel free, which may be everyone’s essential dream!