Our Story

        Four years ago, Pamela encouraged her friend, Chanit, to paint Central Park, a place they both love.  Pamela admired Chanit's paintings and wanted the world to see more of her work. "Let's create a children's book!  You do the watercolors and I will write some simple words!  It will be wonderful," said Pamela.  And indeed one of the best rewards for their efforts has been the call to laugh together, be together, and spend the most valuable commodity of all, time together. It has been fun!

        When Chanit heard the idea, she said, “I have already painted some images of Central Park.”  She showed Pamela “Balto” with his pink tongue.  He looked alive!  Then she showed another painting,  “Sunday in the Park, “which made Pamela feel she was right there in the park, even though she was in Chanit’s studio.  And finally, Chanit took out the “Lantern,” which is an iconic symbol of the park, reminiscent of times from long ago.  “You see!  You have already started.  Why don’t you paint the carousel?” said Pamela and Chanit did. Pamela loved it and Chanit loved it, too, and so Chanit was on her way.  It took her over a year to paint the 30 watercolor paintings of Central Park.  Then the images were put together and words created which took another three years!  Here is our work which we are so happy to share with the world.  


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